Diego Maradona’s untimely timely death has hit the world of sport and beyond hard

He was a man of short stature but he will stand tall in our memories for his larger-than-life reputation built on skill, success, and that suspicious goal (you know the one) which has left his mark on the footballing community that may never be felt again. He was a true game-changer (quite literally) and will be forever remembered as one of the true sporting greats. 
At Iternal we’re all about memories so we decided to ask around the office (virtually, of course, we’re still in a pandemic) for what people remembered most about Diego Maradona. 

The guy is a legend on the pitch, no doubt about it but for me, my favourite memory of Diego Maradona is when he met Usain Bolt and they both did his signature move. Two generations of game changing superstars humble enough to acknowledge each other – what a thing to see.”

Co-Founder Tim Campbell

“Diego Maradona always makes me think of my grandad. I was born in 1986 and whenever we visited my grandparents for my birthday he would always find a way to remind us that ’86 was the year we were robbed of the World Cup by that bl**dy Maradona.” 

Paul Wiseall – Our MD and Founder

Most of us over a certain age will have a memory or two of this Argentine great and we’re seeing people pay homage to him by changing their social media profiles but you don’t need to have the hand of God to be remembered forever. Not all of us have show reels of many of our greatest achievements or our toughest moments available for the world to view. This is why we created Iternal.life, a safe and secure space for people to store the memories of their lives with the ability to share them with those they care about. 

Pele, one of Maradona’s only comparative peers, has spoken of wanting to play with him again one day on the literal heavenly turf up above. That may be a game of equals we may never see, but Iternal.Life can allow those who want to securely store memories, use their very own artificially intelligent chatbot and share their story with family and friends to do so quickly, easily and safely. Many of the thousands of people we interviewed when researching the need for Internal.Life agreed that Iternal.Life’s ability to empower our users by allowing them to curate their own story in memories they store with us, is incredibly important.

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