Iternal Hits 2,000 Users Milestone!

Less than a month from our last celebration, we’ve got the party poppers out again down at Iternal HQ as we hit a whopping 2,000 users! In a matter of weeks, the number of people who have chosen Iternal to safely and securely preserve their stories has doubled.

Whether they’re written, filmed or recorded, our users have been filling their personalised timelines with their most precious memories, once in a lifetime tales and cherished moments.  

Once again, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for joining our community of storytellers, story gatherers and individuals celebrating our unique experiences.

If every user creates and shares five memories each, that’s an incredible 10,000 memories and stories that are immortalised, in your control and as private as you want them to be. Those are monumental numbers and we can’t wait for more!

If you’re not with us already, don’t fall behind! Sign up today and become part of something special. The sign-up process has never been quicker or easier; not only that, but your first 30 uploads are free forever.

Progress like this is what life is all about. Maybe we should get this one down on the timeline; it’s good to reflect on your past and see how far you’ve come! Check out our blog for more facts, dissected science and some light-reads.

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