How Will You Remember The Lockdown? (Audio)

From days spent in the sun, having drinks in the garden, and reading books in the local to anxiety-ridden weeks spent inside with no foreseeable end; we really have seen it all over the last year.

Through all the ups and downs, one thing is for sure; we’ve all lived through a once in a lifetime (fingers crossed) experience and that’s afforded us all a unique tale or two.

So kick back, put your headphones on and tune in with us today at Iternal, where Remi from the Iternal team will be asking the question: how will you remember the lockdown?

How will you remember lockdown? Did you pick up any new skills? Were you fortunate enough to be furloughed? Get it down on your Iternal timeline so you can look back in years to come at one of the biggest global events in modern history!

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