A World Without Stories

A world without stories. Try and imagine that, just for a minute. 

If the image you create in your head is anything but a stagnant, prehistoric, lawless land with no sign of developing intelligence, then you are not considering the full extent of just how integral stories are  – and storytelling is –  to our entire existence.

I’m not just talking about your favorite novel or the last cinematic masterpiece you watched. I’m talking about tales of the human experience; the lessons of life; the vehicles for the development of emotional intelligence, and the foundations of all cultures. 

It’s true; without stories, we have – and are – almost nothing. Most obviously, we would lack entertainment. No books; no films; no news; no narratives; no characters; no libraries; no cinemas. Not a thing to remove us from the monotony of our own lives. 

But let’s dig a little deeper. 

What is culture if not a culmination of knowledge, morals, and beliefs cemented through shared experiences and tales told for generations? What are lessons if not the result of someone else’s experience becoming integral to our own understanding of the world? What is history if not the documented memory from a time long past? You can’t even spell history without story!

Our entire identities are based on the experiences we’ve lived; the memories we’ve made; the stories we’re told and tell. Without them, not only do we begin to lose the parts of us that make us entirely singular, but the very qualities that make us human

This is why what we’re doing at Iternal is so important; because to share stories is to be human.

Our mission is simple: to make sure no one’s story goes untold. We understand that every story is a vital chapter in our collective journey; that there’s value to every tale and lessons in every experience. Perhaps most importantly, we believe that the only person that should be in control of your narrative is you.

Join us as we strive to collate the world’s largest library of human experiences, so that you and your loved ones can be remembered forever, in the way you want. Sign-up today for free at https://iternal.life/ 

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