Remembering The Magic Of Summer Holidays

Summer. The season of heat and holidays; barbeques and bikinis; family, friends and flowery shirts. It’s the time of year where you expect to enjoy yourself the most, though as we get older it’s often stained by sweaty workdays, the necessity to have two showers a day, and a strong reminiscence of a time long gone. 

A simpler time when money meant very little and friendship meant everything; when spending all day at the local hangout was the most important thing in your life, and every waking thought was spent on your sweetheart. Let me send you right back with a nostalgic push to the seemingly infinite summer holidays of our youth. 

They went on for a lifetime

Seemingly infinite indeed; the summer holidays of our teens felt like they went on forever. Though for the most part they only lasted 6 weeks, it truly felt like those days would last forever. Perhaps it was the intoxication of freedom, or maybe because time is relative to age; in any case very little thought was ever put past the day ahead of you.  

Fast forward however many decades and I think I speak for most adults when I say that 6 weeks really doesn’t feel as infinite as it used to. Now, you blink and a whole year’s gone by; most of the time you don’t even remember summer happening.

A bit of change was all you needed

I’m not sure what happens, but at some point in life everything begins to cost money. As in you can’t leave your front door without spending at least twenty pounds (on what, I couldn’t even tell you). But it wasn’t always like that. 

There was a time when you could comfortably leave your house with a couple of coins, or maybe even a five-pound note if you’d cleaned dad’s car, and you would be set for a whole day out. A can of coke; a bottle of water; a sandwich and whatever sweets took your fancy – simpler necessities for a simpler time.

A few pound coins and you were set.

You could do the same thing everyday and not get bored 

There’s something about the monotony of adult life that just becomes a drag. Is it the bills? Is it the responsbility? Is it the expectation to feed every ounce of your existence into a system that does very little for you? Who knows; but if you don’t keep things exciting, life can get pretty boring. Take me back to a time when you could do the same thing every day for weeks and never get bored.

It felt like everyday was almost identical to the last; meeting everyone at the local park, messing around and probably being a general nuisance, heading to town to do absolutely nothing and then wind down at the house of that one friend who’s mum was always happy to have the clan round. If anything, each day just got better.

Puppy love was in bloom

The summer holidays offered a lot; freedom; time; the chance to make incredible memories that would last a lifetime. But arguably most important, it provided the chance for that special summer romance that you’d always seen in the films or heard in the songs. 

Ok, it might not have been as romantic as all that, but the air was hot and the hormones were raging. Whether you got to be with that special someone or not, it seemed like they were always on your mind. For many, the first taste of love was had on those long summer days, where nothing else mattered except the two of you and the moment you were in; a moment that felt like it would never end.  

Oh, to be young and in love.


It’s funny; these days I’m practically running through a list of excuses as to why I can’t go somewhere or do things with friends. But once upon a time, the thought alone of missing out on one of my summer days was too much to handle. 

And that wasn’t without reason. You could always guarantee that the days you couldn’t go out were the days when all the best things happened; or so it seemed. Even going on holiday with your family could seem like a prison sentence. Can’t say I’d turn my nose up to all-paid holiday now…

Don’t let those memories fade

I hope somewhere in all this you found yourself reliving some of your own moments; putting the words to your own memories. Perhaps you hadn’t thought about those days for a long time and you’ve just opened a treasure chest of nostalgia. Don’t let them slip away again; immortalise your youth and get those memories down on your Iternal timeline today.

So, what do you think? Did I hit the nail on the head or am I missing some crucial summer holiday moments? Let me know what you think on any of our social media pages and while you’re here, be sure to check our other blog posts too!

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