Iternal Is Celebrating Over 10,000 Users!

There’s a BIG cause for celebration at Iternal HQ as we hit the monumental milestone of 10,000 users! It’s been an incredible journey so far and to have over 10,000 people saving their memories and taking control of their story is a real accomplishment, to say the least. That’s 10,000 unique timelines out there being filled with some of the most important and cherished moments.

This isn’t just a simple gloat; this is a massive achievement for us and a huge step towards our mission to make sure no one’s story goes forgotten. For us, it not only represents the trust placed in Iternal by so many of you but the recognition of a unified desire to be heard and to be listened to. We genuinely can’t wait for you to see what we have in the works as we strive towards making the platform the best it can possibly be.

In celebration of this monumental milestone, we’ve launched the ‘Iternal Community’ timeline, where we can really show off this family we’re growing! This timeline will be filled with stories, memories and moments submitted by the very people using Iternal! So if you would like to share one of your stories, click the following link to submit; you can even remain anonymous!


Once again, a huge thank you to all our users! We hope to continue providing an outstanding service for all; past, present and future. If you’re not with us already; what are you waiting for?! 10,000+ people are already on board; don’t be the last on the train. Sign-up today; it’s free

Join us today to cherish and preserve those precious moments forever...
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