Why Everyone Should Book an Iternal Biographer Session

Have you ever wondered what a biography of your life would be like? With all its intricacies; highs; lows and life-changing moments? The thought process can be easy enough, but physically documenting one’s life can, for some, be quite the task. 

Perhaps you haven’t got the time; maybe you just don’t know where to start or maybe you never even considered the option.

It’s for these reasons that we at Iternal have launched the Iternal Biographer Service! Currently operating on a limited run for free, the service provides you with the makings of your very own biography. A one-hour video call, a 3-day wait and viola! 

We believe that everyone’s story is worth telling, including yours; so let’s highlight just a few reasons why you should book an Iternal Biographer session.

You’ll Realise Just How Interesting Your Life Is

We’ve all been there before; you’ve just put down that biography, or scrolled through your favourite celebrity’s Wikipedia page for the 30th time, and are still in complete awe of how interesting and captivating their life is. There’s no reason why someone couldn’t feel the same about you. 

It’s easy to forget just how detailed, dramatic and unique your life is when you’re living day-to-day. It’s when you see your timeline’s filled with memories, stories and life-defining moments that you really appreciate how interesting your life really is.

Iternal Does The Hard Work For You

We really do. All you have to do is book an appointment with us on Calendly; create a free Iternal account and enjoy an organic conversation with one of our biographers. After 3-5 days, log in to your account and view the combined magic of Iternal and your own narrative.  

If all you had to do was talk to someone for an hour at a time – FREE of charge (for a limited time) – to get your life’s story documented, I think most people would take that opportunity. So why wait to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity?

You Have More Stories Than You Know

Something we’re met with every now and then is the belief that one’s life is boring; that they’ve somehow been exhausted of all excitement and don’t have any stories to tell. I can tell you that EVERYONE has countless stories; you’ve just got to remember them.

An easy enough process, once you get that conversation going. It starts with one simple memory, which feeds into another, and another and before you know it, your first chapter’s already formed.

100% Of Those Trialled Enjoyed Their Session

We’ve already held preliminary trials of the Biographer service and while the capacity was limited, every participant enjoyed their session with us; some more than anticipated! 

Did you know there are psychologically proven benefits to reminiscing, nostalgia and telling stories? If not, check out an earlier blog where we explored it before; there’s also loads of great information available online from trusted sources.

Your Stories Will Be Enjoyed For Generations To Come

Tomorrow is never promised; something we often collectively forget until it’s too late. Do you not have a departed relative you wish you knew more about? Someone who you would give the world to hear their voice provide a comforting message or some age-old advice? I know I do. 

Don’t be the one to leave it too late, let your great-great-great-grandchildren know where they’ve come from! And be sure to enjoy your timeline in the present. Invite your friends and family to add to your timeline; share more memories with them and feel connected with each other, even when you’re apart.

Grab This Exclusive Opportunity

As I’ve said, the Biographer service is FREE for a limited time only. This is an incredible opportunity to not only receive a personally crafted timeline but to secure your legacy for yourself and your family. Book a session today with us here, on Calendly. 

Remember, you’ll need an Iternal account so we can build your timeline. Sign-up here and take your first steps towards being remembered forever.

Join us today to cherish and preserve those precious moments forever...
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