13 Questions To Ask Mum About Her Life

Despite knowing my Mum for my entire existence, it always comes as a shock how little I really know about her life. Sure, I know a few bits here and there and of course there are parts that I will never know (and its probably for the best). Yet it surprises me how often I find out new (*old) details about my Mums life; details that one day, may be forgotten. 

The sorts of details that paint a bigger, intricate picture and reminds us that our parents had lives before we came along, and continued to do so long after. The sorts of details that epitomises the very essence of the ones who loved us first, and hardest. Though for all their many superhero qualities, invincibility and immortality are not some of them. 

No one should live with the regret of not knowing who their Mum really was, and Iternal is facilitating that possibility. So if you haven’t already, create an Iternal account and start securing Mum’s legacy today, before the choice is no longer there. The answers to the following 13 questions will make great entries on her personal timeline:

The Questions

  1. How did your childhood differ from mine?
  2. Who was your favourite and least favourite teacher at school and why?
  3. Who was the first person you told you were pregnant with me? 
  4. Did I ever do anything as a child that scared you?
  5. What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced in life and how did you overcome it?
  6. When’s the proudest you’ve ever been of me? 
  7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and why?
  8. What age was I during your favourite stage of parenting and why?
  9. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
  10. What’s the most disastrous occasion you’ve been involved in and what happened?  
  11. What is the best and worst part about being my Mum?
  12. What one thing do you regret the most from your life so far?
  13. What’s the funniest thing I ever said or did as a child?

Sit Back And Watch The Stories Unfold

You want to know the best part about those questions? They are almost all certain to open up pathways to other memories, stories and experiences that may have been forgotten. If you’re asking these questions to help build your Mum’s Iternal timeline, don’t shy away from these moments as you’ll find the best answers through organic, unmediated conversation.

There is another way to really capture your Mum’s life’s stories – and it requires almost no effort on your part. The Iternal Biographer service is a an option we’re currently offering for FREE; where one of our dedicated biographers will sit with your Mum (and yourself) on a video call for one hour, and enjoy a conversation about her life. We’ll take her responses and present them on her Iternal timeline, in either video or audio format! Book a session with us here on Calednly, and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity today.

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