The Top 10 ‘Spooky Story Giveaway’ Submissions

We read all 320 spine-tingling stories left on our Spooky Stories Archive; we whittled it down to the top 50; then we let a random name generator pick a winner because we couldn’t decide! But I can now announce that the winner of the giveaway is Naomi A., from Woking!

Well done Naomi, and what a tale it was; not only was it seriously spooky, but it’s also a great story. If you haven’t read about Naomi’s experience yet, have a read of this excerpt: 

“…The scariest thing however which will live with me forever is the name-calling, it started off one day when I returned from uni to an empty house. I walk in and hear my name being called… I stood frozen; I knew no one was home. I geared myself up to check the house anyway, as expected no one was home… 

The haunting got so bad that some of my housemates and my boyfriend who visited often would wake with night terrors; they described seeing children and figures walking their bedrooms, writing names on their walls and standing over them as they lay petrified…”

Slightly terrifying, right? A well-deserving winner too, as were many of the stories that were submitted. If we could, we would give prizes to you all, but there can only be one winner. With that being said, we thought it’s only fair we highlight the Iternal Team’s favourite submissions!

Honourable Mentions

Deborah Parker, from Crook: 

“…I look underneath for [my daughter’s] amusement and see my daughter, another one of her, under the bed, staring back at me… she whispers, “Mammy, there’s a monster in my bed.”

Conor Collins, from Manchester: 

“…I overhead one tech say “yup, it’s human.” Human? What’s human? “Ma’am, where is the material you removed from the walls already? This isn’t wallpaper you were removing.”

Sharon Lawrence, from Northorpe: 

“…I was woken up by a cramp in my leg, as I tried to move off of the bed, I looked up and notice a Young man in a Blue Uniform beside the Window, I was frozen to the spot, just watching him, watching me, then he all of a sudden walked forward, through the wall!”

Chris, from Bristol: 

“…Whenever I fell asleep when I was younger, I would always say goodnight to the shadow in the corner of my room, just in case…”

Wendy, unknown location: 

“…Suddenly a tall man, dressed in black, wearing a long cape stepped in front of the car. All four of us screamed as we hit him, but there was no sound. We stopped the car and got out, but no one was on the road. We called the police who came out and said that it was the third time that that had happened that month.”

Mariah Quinsey, from Birmingham:

“…I looked towards the end of my bed and saw a small boy who I believed was my brother; I told him to go back to bed. The little boy turned looked at me and walked through the wall, and at the same time, my little brother turned in his bed and said I am in bed. We didn’t sleep in that room again.”

Chris Andrews, from Cardiff: 

“…One morning at home in bed at 5.17 am, Wyn appeared in my bedroom. l could not sleep after that. In the morning her husband came in for his paper, and l asked how’s Wyn today? ‘She died this morning’ he said. l asked ‘at what time?’ and he said at 20 past 5…”  

Michael Coovert, from Paducah:

“…We entered one room at the end of the hall that did not have a window so it was very dark. While looking around the room, we all stopped dead in our tracks. We all looked at each other to visually confirm with one another that we had all just had the same experience. None of us said a word. We all just took off running… It wasn’t until we were well on our way that we finally confirmed with each other that we had all heard the sound of a baby crying coming from one of the floors above us….”

Peter Stephens, from Leicester: 

“…Shaking my head I turned off the services and stood in the doorway facing the bedroom to fit the new lock. out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw the body move again. Despite a shiver down my spine, I started removing the broken lock, only to be certain I saw the body sit up…”

Don’t Let Your Stories Disappear…

Though ‘spooky season’ is well and truly over, you can still enjoy all 320 spooky entries over at the Spooky Stories Archive here (I really hope all our entrants just have over-active imaginations… ). 

Have you been enjoyed these excerpts? Did you find yourself recalling your own experiences? Make sure to get them saved to your Iternal timeline! With the Iternal App for Android, you can have your stories recorded, safely and securely, in a matter of minutes! Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts showing you how to get the most out of the Iternal App. Download here from the Google Playstore and tell your story!

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