The 'Wholesome Stories' Weekly Round-up (10/12/2021)

At Iternal we firmly believe that there’s always something to smile about. True, life can get a bit tough and the world can be a dark place sometimes, but the lights are there if you know where to look. 

That’s why we’re starting our new content segment, The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up (we know, it’s a bit of a mouthful but we’re working on it). Every week we’ll be bringing you some of the best, most uplifting stories the internet has to offer, to remind ourselves it’s not all doom and gloom.  

The Human Bird-Feeder:

I’m not sure what the thought process was leading up to this heartwarming content, but I, for one, am glad it happened. Check out the original story here. 

Heroic Man Recovers Brothers Photos For Grieving Parents:

Nothing about bereavement is ever easy, but sometimes, with the right people around you willing to help however they can, the process can be made a little less grey. We implore you to check out the original story here. 

The Selfless 8-Year-Old

Most 8 year old boys want Lego, or a new bike, or maybe even a new console (if you’re lucky); but not Isaac from Stoke-on-Trent, who asked people to donate essentials to local homeless shelters rather than get him birthday presents. What a champ! Check out the original story here. 

The Supportive Teacher (With Snacks)

Everyone had that one teacher they will always remember as the best; whether it was their methods, their sincere care for their students, or just because they were (surprisingly) quite cool. I wish mine gave us snacks… Check out the original story here. 

The Self-Sustaining Ocean-Cleaning ‘Continent’

Ok, so it’s only a (award-winning) concept at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped Senior Designer Lenka Petráková of Zaha Hadid Architects from demonstrating the huge potential of the ‘8th Continent’ to help solve the issue of ocean pollution. It’s only a matter of time… Check out the original story here.

How’s that for wholesome content? We hope at least one of these tales puts a smile on your face. Make sure to check out this blog space (or if you’re an Iternal user, keep an eye on your inbox) every Friday evening for your weekly dose of wholesome content. Like what you read? Spread the love and share this article! See you next week.

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