The 'Wholesome Stories' Weekly Round-up: Christmas Edition

At Iternal, we firmly believe that there’s always something to smile about. True, life can get a bit tough and the world can be a dark place sometimes, but the lights are there if you know where to look. 

I suggest looking here, every Friday of every week, where I’ll be showcasing some of the most wholesome content I’ve found on my internet adventures! This week we’re getting festive…  

200+ Neighbours Give UPS Driver A Hero’s Thanks

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone, least of all keyworkers who’ve had to endure the unprecedented social climate while still fulfilling their everyday duties, often going unnoticed or under-appreciated. Well, one who I’m sure is feeling appreciated is UPS delivery driver Anthony Gaskin. 

After delivering some 200 packages a day throughout the pandemic and holiday season, residents of the Hallsley neighbourhood in Richmond, Virginia (USA) thought Anthony deserved to know how much he was appreciated. So local resident Patty Feldman organised over 200 neighbours to come out and clap for Anthony on his everyday route, with signs in the air, cheers being shouted and horns being honked.

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Woman Surprises Sister With ‘Best Gift Ever’

Christmas is the time for family, friends and those you love – no one should have to be alone at Christmas. That gets hard when you’re on the other side of the world to the majority of your family. But that didn’t stop Heather Thompson from Canada from surprising her sister with ‘the best gift ever.’

Yes, the ‘best gift ever’ was herself… in a box… delivered to her sister’s doorstep in Australia! Granted, she didn’t courier herself all the way from Canada to Australia, but she had to get there after convincing a courier service to help her pull off the surprise, which she did – the courier even dressed as Santa! It’s safe to say her sister was very surprised.

There’s quite a lot to this story, so check it out in full here.

Bus Driver Gets Every Child A Gift

It takes a special kind of person to really care about the people that fall under their supervision. You often hear of teachers going the extra mile for their students, but it’s not every day you hear about bus drivers doing the absolute most. 

Well, that’s exactly what Curtis Jenkins, a driver for Lake Highlands Elementary School, did when he asked every kid on his bus what they really wanted for Christmas. Now bus drivers aren’t known for making millions every year; despite this, Mr Jenkins bought the gift that every child on that bus wanted, including at least two bikes! What a man.

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Bruce Wayne or Secret Santa?

When I was little, around Christmas time a pop-up ‘Santa’s grotto’ would appear in the shopping centre of my hometown. You could go in, have a quick chat with Santa about what you’d like for Christmas and he’d give you a little present in the meantime to tie you over. In some lucky cities in America, however, they have a slightly different situation. 

For the past 13 years, a wealthy, anonymous businessman – with help of local police departments – has been giving out anywhere up to $200,000 in the form of $100 bills to people who “look as though they could use a little boost” (me, please??).  

“Our mission as humans is to do random acts of kindness. Kindness is the bridge between all people,” the anonymous businessman told CBS News. We’d love to know his story! 

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Faith In Humanity Restored

Christmas, while lovely and wholesome, can also be a dark time of year for many, particularly those who may be struggling financially as the pressure to buy presents and novelties build. 

That’s the exact position this Reddit user was in one Christmas; unsure of how they would afford to put food on the table for themselves and their child. After going to a local food bank to pick up a little extra, the director noticed his sincere and real needs. 

Not only did she organise a full Christmas dinner for them, but after notifying the local Salvation Army chapter of the struggling parent’s circumstances, managed to have presents donated for both them and their child. It’s a truly touching example of what Christmas is all about. 

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A Real-life Santa Clause

This time of year is all about family, but if your family’s not in the best place, it can start to extinguish some of that Christmas magic. This is how one BuzzFeed contributor felt in the ’80s as a six-year-old in the middle of two soon-to-be-divorced parents. 

That magic was soon bought back after their mother received an anonymous saying they’d heard they were having a tough time and asked if Santa could come to visit them.

“A little later we heard bells and down the road came a horse-drawn carriage with a real-life Santa! He came in and gave me a Cabbage Patch Kid doll,” recalled the contributor, who to this day doesn’t know who organised or took part in this incredible act of kindness.

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Have You Got A Wholesome Christmas Story?

Wholesome or what?! We hope at least one of these tales puts a smile on your face and got you in the festive feelings. Have you got a wholesome Christmas story? Save it to your Iternal timeline today!

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