It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without…

There are only five days until Christmas! It may seem to come round faster than a sack of coal drops these days, but once upon a time, it felt like an eternity between every Christmas. Even when it was just around the corner and the countdown finally began, it really dragged. 

Perhaps it was the anticipation of presents from the big man himself; of celebration; of having your family together. Whatever it was, in the days of our childhood there was an undeniable magic in the air at this time of year; magic that seems to dwindle as you get older. Well, I’m here today to sprinkle some of that magic back into your life as we look at the top components for the perfect Christmas.  

The Essential Ingredients For Xmas

  • Christmas Dinner:

    We’ll start with the most important and integral part of anyone’s Christmas day; the dinner. Though usually had around lunchtime, Christmas dinner is perhaps the most-looked-forward-to meal of the year, and not just because you can pull crackers and tell awful jokes for hours.

    Slow-cooked meat, honeyed vegetables, roast potatoes, copious amounts of gravy… I think you might be drooling.

    Maybe you should think about saving some of those family recipes this time around!

  • Family:

    And now to the second (ok, maybe contending for first) most important and integral part of anyone’s Christmas day; the people you spend it with.

    Because if you’re not religious, this is really what Christmas is all about – spending time with and showing gratitude for your family, friends and loved ones. It’s when you’re reminded just how important they are to you, and you to them.

    This year, consider having your family under one roof as an opportunity to save some of their stories and experiences.

  • Music:

    Now, as a musician, I may be slightly biased but I think I speak for all when I say that Christmas wouldn’t

    really be Christmas without all the absolute musical classics we all know and love (and sometimes, hate).

    Imagine walking into a shopping centre, or mall, in December and not hearing Mariah Carey being blasted in rotation with George Michael, The Stooges and Paul McCartney constanly? Exactly, you can’t.

    What’s your favourite Christmas song and why is it ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’?

  • Film:

    Unbelievably, Christmas movies have been a thing since 1898, when a 2-minute short film called

    Santa Claus (original, right?) was screened in the UK. Over a hundred years later and we have countless festive films to throw ourselves at in the lead-up to Christmas, including the greatest film to ever bless any screen, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. From Home Alone to Miracle on 34th Street, nothing puts the happy in ‘happy holidays’ like a Christmas film.

    And no, Die Hard is not a Christmas film.

  • Share Boxes of Chocolate:

    Overlooked by many, but disregarded by none as an essential part of Christmas are the piles of share boxes of chocolates that are hoarded in houses across the country every year; slowly diminishing until you’re left with nothing but mini mars bars and bounties in legions.

    The word ‘share’ is often misinterpreted as ‘completely mine and no one elses’ in my house, which due to the sheer volume you receive them, doesn’t really matter. Oh, the magic of Christmas.

    What one chocolate always reminds your of this time of year?

  • A Visit From The Big Man Himself:


    Now this may not have happened to you in a little while, most adults are undeserving, but the absolute cherry on the cake for all once upon a time was a visit from a certain someone.

    That at some point in the dead of night, an old, large man would break into your house while everyone slept, leave you presents, then take your mince pies and leave. I am, of course, talking about the one and only Santa Claus; the mascot and a child’s first real taste of Christmas magic.

    Do you remember how it felt to wake up to presents magically appearing under your tree?

What Are Your Essential Ingredients For Christmas?

And there we have it; a short but sure list of the absolute essential ingredients necessary for Christmas! I think I hit the nail on the head, but everyone’s got their own idea of what Christmas is and means to them. Did I miss anything you consider a key component? Maybe you think Die Hard is a Christmas film? I may disagree, but save your thoughts on Iternal; you might be able to convince a future member of your family… 

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