The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up (21/01/2022)

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! It’s Wholesome Stories round-up time. The week is done and it’s time to wind down with some heartwarming, blues-crushing content. As ever, we’ve got some real good stories lined up for you; so let’s get to it.   

Bruce: The Knitting Security Guard

The hero in this instance is Bruce – an overnight security guard who works at Edinborough’s Royal Infirmary. Bruce spends his breaks and time in between checks knitting all sorts of attire for premature babies from the Simpsons special care unit – he even sends them abroad! 

It appears being a good soul runs in the family as Bruce’s 75-year-old mother also knits an array of garments to give out to premature babies and their families all over the world. More people like Bruce, please.

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Everyone Gets An Ice Cream; Especially The Dog

It wouldn’t be a wholesome content round-up without at least one animal feature, would it? Here to satisfy all your pooch-needs is Mishka the 3-year-old Alaskan Malamute, who waits for her local ice cream man every day and always gets her fix. 

Patiently she waits for her best friend to arrive with the goods every day – as if by clockwork. Check out the video; you can see how excited she gets when she hears the ice cream van’s song.  

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‘Husband Of The Year’ Goes To…

…The man who planted over 2,000 scented flowers for his blind wife in a bid to beat her depression, and it looks like it did the trick! Mr and Mrs Kuroki, from Japan, have been married since 1956, and worked as dairy farmers; a job that became hard for Mrs Kuroki after she became blind in 1986 due to diabetes complications. 

When she became withdrawn and upset, Mr Kuroki knew he had to do something. After spotting a pink shibazakura flower in his garden – and realising how appealing the scent was – he spent the next 2 years planting thousands of the flowers around their home. The venture paid off; Mrs Kuroki can often be seen walking around the garden with her husband, a huge smile on her face.

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Old Food Cooler? More Like Cool Cat Shelter

Winter can be a really bleak time, for humans and animals alike. It can be particularly bleak for stray cats and other abandoned animals, who without a loving family, are left to face the harsh cold by themselves. 

Philip Rogich wasn’t about to let that happen it could be helped. The hero based in Ogden, Utah has been building shelters from upcycled coolers that act as a safe place for cats to sleep during the cold season.

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Hero Priest Helps Stray Dogs Get Adopted

As a priest, you have a certain responsibility to do God’s work and help the people around you where you can. It’s one thing to take the time to help the people who attend your church, it’s another thing to take it upon yourself to help your local stray dog population. 

Brazilian priest Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes didn’t have to refer to the bible to decide that taking stray dogs to get adopted at his services was the right thing to do; he just knew it. He helped clear out a kennel with over 90 dogs in it in just six months then turned to strays, who’ve become central to his service.

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The Outstanding Kindness Of Children Prevails

At least once a week – mostly when I’m seeking out the wholesome content for a weekly round-up – I’m reminded of the purity and kindness that makes up the heart of children, and this week is no exception. 

When 8-year-old Daniel Hunt’s home burned down, he lost everything — a fate his classmates were not going to leave him to. Together with their teachers, they planned a secret toy drive and it’s safe to say Daniel was pretty happy with the result. “It was amazing to witness,” said School counsellor Kelly Jones.

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Another Week, Another Round-up

Need more goodness in your life? Not really in the mood to read? I’ve got you covered; check out this compilation video of people being top-tier humans for 10 straight minutes:

That’s it from me this week! Be sure to check this blog space every Friday for more uplifting stories and other great content. 

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