One App Could Make All the Difference To Your Descendants

How much do you know about your grandparent’s lives, before they were grandparents? Where did they grow up? When did they first meet? What was happening in the world during their earlier lives?

What about your great-grandparents? Did they immigrate to or from anywhere? Were they affected by war or difficult socio-economic landscapes? The chances are, like an unfortunate majority of adults in the western world, you don’t know an awful lot.

Despite having access to more ways of communication than ever before, and the ability to conversate with strangers all over the world, many of us have forgotten about the limited time we have to speak with those immediately close to us.

Ancestral Disconnection

What if I told you that 68% of UK adults regret not talking to a late grandparent about their life and memories? That’s over two-thirds of a population living with an irreversible regret. 

In the US, 34 percent of adult respondents can’t trace their family tree past their grandparents. That’s an overwhelming figure, considering 84% agree it’s important to know about your own heritage. 

To sum it up, we’re in the midst of an avoidable crisis; a disconnection from our roots and self-identity, and a lack of ancestral knowledge that could otherwise be of great benefit to us.

Let Iternal Help You And Those Who’ll Come After

For over a year, the team at Iternal HQ have been fine tuning their platform, pulling on research, studies and feedback from our incredible user base, to deliver something that isn’t just for today or tomorrow, or even just for you.

Sure, it can be just for you and your own life stories. There’s great benefits to recalling your memories – not just keeping your mind sharp, but helping to combat symptoms of depression and anxiety too.

However, if family is important to you, then you should really consider the bigger picture. In the present, Iternal keeps you connected to all your family with ‘Iternal Groups’ where everyone can occupy a shared space. No matter the distance, you can safely and securely share the moments that matter to everyone like: first steps; graduations; birthdays; anniversaries and special announcements.

But looking past the present, into a future you may not have even considered yet, you are providing your descendants with true, direct access to their heritage and roots through your stories. Access to these narratives has been proven to have significant benefits for future generations, which is particularly true of adolescents. 

By having knowledge of their ancestors’ stories, experiences and history, young people have been shown to have boosted self-esteem, develop their sense of identity, and fortify their sense of self-worth, as demonstrated by Dr Robyn Fivush throughout their extensive research.

It All Starts With You

If there was ever an opportunity to benefit future relations and those who came after you, even if you weren’t here to witness it, would you not want to take it? Well, consider this your opportunity; and it’s free! 

You can download the Iternal app today; if you’re an iOS user you can download the app here. If you’re an Android user, you can download it here from the Google Play Store. Keep your eyes open for more posts on how to get the most out of Iternal.

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