What Lessons Would You Want To Pass To Your Grandkids, Even If You Weren’t Here To Teach Them?

If you have grandchildren, or hoping that one day someone will call you Grandma or Grandpa, you might have thought about all the things you could teach them throughout their lives. You know, the lessons they could learn from your experiences and the sorts of stories you’ll tell them about your family and their heritage. 

These narratives are essential building blocks to a child’s self-identity development, and can help to boost their emotional resilience, self-esteem and lower their chances of developing symptoms of depression. But what if you’re not here when the time comes to give them your knowledge and experience? You use your Iternal timeline.

Starting the process of saving your experiences can be daunting, but we’re to help you get the ball rolling. We got some inspiration from some of our users, who told us the sorts of lessons they’ll be leaving for their grandchildren, just in case they’re not here to tell them.

What Lessons Are Others Leaving For Their Grandchildren?

“Kindness costs nothing and means everything in a world that is often harsh and unfair. And you never know what people are going through so be compassionate and empathetic. These are two of the best traits anyone can have and good things will be drawn to you.” – Maureen

“Treat others as you would want to be treated my dear. This life is all about cause and effect, action and reaction and no bad deed goes unpunished. You truly get what you give, whether that’s immediately or when you’re least expecting it! Be open-minded, the differences between us are what makes us great.” – Ursula

“I would say never put in half your effort. You either give it your all or don’t try at all, I’m proof that anything less is a waste of time. If you fail, you gave it your best shot and if you succeed (which they will because they’re related to their Kathy) you can take real pride in it” – Archie

“I’ve left a video of me telling the story of my great uncle Barry who after being taken as PoW in Poland in WW2, escaped and made his way to Calais in France on foot! The thing that kept him going was the thought of getting back to his Mum and asking auntie Cynthia to marry him. If that ain’t a source of determination I don’t know what is!” – Paul

“If there was one thing I could drill into any of my grandchildren or descendants it would be knowledge is power – use your noggin, please! Just because you’ve finished school, you never stop learning! ’ – Julie

“Be humble. Even when you’re really good at something, there’s always room for improvement and being big-headed is never an attractive trait in the long run.” – David

“Money comes back, time does not. Whatever you do, do not waste your time, especially when you’re young. Create memorable experiences. But remember to be considerate of your future and aware of the consequences of your actions! Don’t grow up too fast…” – Mae

“Everyone deserves a baseline of respect but where that level of respect goes should only ever depend on how they treat you. Don’t let bad people walk all over you or worse, influence you! You know what’s right and what’s wrong.” – Richard

“I’m sure you’ll grow to be very talented, so if you have a skill or a hobby, don’t waste time telling yourself why you can’t do something with it and just try. 100% of people who don’t try fail.” – Annie

We’re Here To Help

While Iternal has many uses, in this instance, you can consider it a vault; a secure, private collection of all the important moments, countless experiences and wealth of knowledge you have to offer your descendants.

This makes Iternal the perfect tool to make sure your grandchildren get the chance to learn and benefit from you, whether you’re here to do so or not. The new Iternal app makes it easier than ever to encapsulate all this and more!

Food For Thought…

It’s not just lessons, advice and values you should save for your descendants. If you’re conscious of the future, you may have thought about all the major milestones that you might not get to see your grandchild achieve. If that’s the case, consider using Iternal to pre-record audio, video and text messages for occasions like: 

– Weddings

– Birthdays 

– Coming-of-age and rites of passage

– Graduations and achievements 

The possibilities really are endless. It’s a truly personal experience that’s limitations are purely defined by you and what you believe is important – not just to you, but your family for generations to come. Download the Iternal app today for free, and tell your story. You can download the app for iOS devices here and for Android devices, here. 


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