‘Why Should I Save My Stories?’ – Answered

Iternal is all about saving the defining moments in life; whether they’re experiences, stories or memories. We believe that everyone should not only have the chance, but be encouraged to save their life’s stories and experiences.

‘But why?’ you’ll probably ask, and there couldn’t be a more fair question. Why should you save these little bits of you, or another? What’s the actual point? Well, there’s many answers, but we’ll give you a few here today. 

Do It For Yourself

Firstly, you should do it for yourself. Our memories, while powerful, can often fade or become distorted over time and you simply cannot remember all the intricate details as well as you might like. 

Not only does memory recall help keep your mind sharp, but there’s scientifically proven benefits to storytelling; journaling; expressive writing and many of the other uses of Iternal that can help fortify your well-being.

Telling the stories of your life will allow you to gain a deeper insight into yourself; helping to bring clarity to your sense of self-identity, and an understanding of how you got to where you are.  

Do It For For The Future

You may not have much interest in recording your stories for yourself, and while we would have to disagree, we respect that stance. But what about those who have, or will, come after you? Your children; grandchildren; nieces; nephews and beyond?

Studies in the last 10 years have demonstrated the incredible effects that knowledge of our ancestors’ narratives can have on us, particularly in children and young people. These narratives are essential building blocks to a child’s developing self-identity, and can help to boost their emotional resilience, self-esteem and lower their chances of developing symptoms of depression.

Not only that, but it provides an ancestral connection that is almost lost in the modern day. Did you know that 68% of UK adults regret not getting to learn more about a late grandparent and their life? Think of all the experience, knowledge and advice that’s been lost; will you let your descendants join the 68%?  

Do It For Your Loved Ones

You might not be one for your own stories; you may not think much about the future, but what about those who are here, right now? While we believe life is for living, we also know that life is as precious as it is fragile and when it’s all said and done, your stories are  what’s left of you in this world.

There’s no science, academia or research here, just consideration for those you may leave behind one day. We don’t always get the chance to say what we want, when we want to, but with Iternal, you have the opportunity for your loved ones to continue to know you; to learn from you when the time is right.

In the immediate, fast-paced world of today, there’s very little time (and less so the thought) to sit down with loved ones and tell them about your life: the ups and downs; the successes and losses; your childhood to your romances and what you learned from it all. 

Wouldn’t you want to have access to that sort of information if you could?

You Deserve To Have Your Story Told

Above all else, you should save your stories because they deserve to be told! Why should you have to be famous for your life worthy of telling or remembering? You don’t need to be a renowned author with a typewriter to tell your story; just a desire to do so and a helpful little tool… the Iternal app. 

Don’t fancy writing? Record yourself instead, or add photos to bring a visual aspect to your narration. However you choose to save your stories, see your life from a new perspective as you grow your own personal interactive timeline. Share your memories with your closest circle or save them all for yourself and keep the good times alive.  

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