Your Autobiographical Narrative Shapes Your Future; Here’s How To Get In Control Of Yours

At Iternal, we’re never exhausted of the incredible ways in which stories, experiences and narratives shape and develop us as human beings. As we’ve previously explored, they’re what have constantly pushed us forward towards the *intelligent, *organised and *co-operative race that we’ve become.

(*in most cases)

Fundamentally, stories – on a global scale – are great; but what about a personal level? What role do our own stories play in our day-to-day lives? The answer is: a very big one. 

Our lives are made up of thousands upon thousands of events that have become chapters in our life’s story. How we view and retell those chapters to ourselves and others becomes our autobiographical narrative.

What you might not know is that how we perceive our own autobiographical narrative plays a huge part in us as people: what we expect from ourselves and life; our actions and interactions with others. 

This is best explained by Dr Keith Witt, PhD., clinical psychologist in the video below: 

Dr Keith Witt believes that to “a certain extent, [we’re] obliged to be… improving our autobiographical narratives, because as we do we’re more coherent people in the world and we do better in the world. We take more joy in the world; we’re more happy people; more healthy people and we serve love better. If we don’t, the sorts of destructive things happen when we have difficulties and sometimes hurt other people – and that’s all autobiographical narratives.”

Take Control Of Your Narrative

So what can you do to get a healthier understanding of your autobiographical narrative and start shaping your future the way you want and deserve? First things first; recollect the situations you feel negatively towards, or where you didn’t receive the outcome you’d hoped for. 

Next, record them. The Iternal app is the perfect tool for this exact purpose. Not only are you saving your life stories and experiences for all their great sentimental value for you and your loved ones, but you can actively reflect and take actionable steps that allow you to make the changes you want to see in your life!

Don’t just record them and hope for the best; here’s some steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the best understanding of your autobiographical narrative: 

  1. Identifying a situation:

It doesn’t have to entirely negative; there’s lessons to be learnt from all situations but by looking at a time where you left dissatisfied or let down, you can better navigate a similar situation in the future.

2. What didn’t work out; or why do I feel negatively towards it: 

Simple as this may seem, you quite often to not fully understand why you felt or feel negatively towards a situation until you’ve recorded it in some way. Sure, there’s the surface level, but take that away; what are you left with.

3. What was and wasn’t within my control:

Accountability is a huge factor when recognising what hasn’t worked you, but so is letting go of what’s out of your hands. You’ll quickly identify what’s actually within your control, and what’s not worth paying mind to.

4. What can I do differently next time:

This is where you start to build your resolve, and gives you a clear understanding of how you might better navigate similar situations. It might be your attitude, or it might be an action, but be sure to make note of any potential rectifications that come to mind.

5. What have I learnt about myself:

By this point, you should have put some significant thought to your event or situation, and now it’s time for reflection. What have you learnt about yourself? Are you overly critical? Could you actually be working harder on certain aspects of your life? Perhaps you need to learn to let go of what’s out of your control. 

Your Narrative Is In Your Hands

By following these steps, you can start making positive, actionable changes to your perception of yourself and take control of your autobiographical narrative. Why wait for the moment to pass? With the Iternal app, you can have access to your private and secure timeline whenever, wherever. Now is the time to take control of your narrative. 

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