How Many Of These Summer Experiences Have You Had?

We have officially entered Summer. We’ve been counting down the days over at Iternal HQ, and it’s finally here! Sure, we’re all looking forward to holidays, BBQs and beach days, but it also means we’re one step closer to revealing all the other great things we’ve got in the works!

While that means new features and more are on their way, we always keep our true ethos in sight. Iternal is all about capturing those experiences that help define chapters of your life; the stories that go on to shape who you are, and make your life so unique.

So, to celebrate the turning of the season, I thought it would be appropriate to pull it all together and have a little nostalgic rundown of all the Summer experiences you’re almost guaranteed to have had at some point or another in your life.

(*P.S. any photos you might have from these classic summer experiences would work great for your 30 Day Photo Album Challenge!) 

School Residential Trip

Typically reserved for the ‘older’ kids, these overnight school trips were a rite of passage of sorts. It was most likely the first time you’d spend more than a couple days away from your family, and with all of your friends. Choosing who’d you’d room with and devising ways to spend time with your crush were all part of the process.

They tended to get more adventurous as you got older – whether that was down to the location or to your developing rebellious attitude and raging hormones. Towards the end of secondary school you may have even left the country! 

What was the best residential school trip you ever went on? What memorable situation sticks with you until this day?  

The Family Holiday You’ll Always Remember

Nothing brings family together like a good summer holiday! For some, that might mean a week in Spain or the south of France. For others, a good weekend in Newquay is all that’s needed to give the gang a much deserved break.

The chances are you’d make friends with another family’s children and you’d spend the whole time together behaving like you’d known each other for your entire lives. In a bittersweet turn, most of those friends you’d never see again, but they made the holiday special!

Whether it was your Mum falling asleep in the sun, Dad having one too many beers and doing his best ‘Careless Whisper’ on the karaoke, there’s always a story born from these occasions that will get brought up at every barbeque after.

End Of Academic Year Celebrations

Whether it was school, college, university or all three, nothing quite (metaphorically) screamed ‘Summertime!’ like finishing your education for the year, just in time to enjoy anywhere between six to twelve weeks of absolute freedom. 

While they all had their own buzz, the occasion that still sticks out to me was the last  day of secondary school (Sophomore year for our American readers, though more similar in spirit to finishing Senior). You’ve finally finished all your exams, and you’re fully departing the institution you’ve been part of for the last five years (⅓) of your life.

Shirts will get signed, pranks will be pulled and tears will be shed as you say goodbye to people who you thought would always be a big part of life; soon to be strangers. There was probably a party towards the end of the evening too; but what happens at the party, stays at the party…

THAT Summer Romance

There’s something about this time of year that just brings out the best in people. Plans are being made; days are spent outside, on the go, and the general mood is at its annual peak. But between all of that, once-dormant feelings begin to kindle and spark as the heat of the season infects our souls. 

It might’ve been when you were 16; it could’ve been when you were 25. Hell, it might’ve been last year; but what’s certain is that you never really forget your first Summer romance. With longer days, more social opportunities and the objective to make that ‘the best Summer ever,’ it’s no surprise these relationships tend to be the ones we remember the most

Often, but not exclusively, entwining with your holidays away, these seasonal flings are often overloaded with fun, desire and an excitement that just doesn’t occur any other time of the year.  The sun brings romance, and the sun takes it away. Observationally, very few Summer loves make it to Winter, but that’s ok – not everything is supposed to last forever, and the fact that it didn’t, makes it all that much more special.

The Summer Of Adulthood

And then reality kicks in.

Depending on your personal experiences, you may have been through most of these escapades in your teens or young adulthood. If that’s the fact of the matter, then that first Summer of real adulthood probably hit like a shock to the system.

I remember my parents telling me how “these are the best years of life, make sure you enjoy them because one day you’ll wish you could go,” and while I certainly did enjoy them, it wasn’t until that first real adult Summer where it kicked in. 

Working through the heat; having to afford mortgages or rent and bills before all else; declining on events because you haven’t got the time. It’s not a case of if it happens; only a case of when. 

Save The Summer, With Iternal

Ok, let’s be honest; it’s really not the end of the world. Sure, you don’t have as much free time. You have more responsibilities now than you did when you were 17 and the chances are that the only person paying for your trips anywhere is yourself. 

What you have for certain is a lifetime of experience, priceless memories and the beauty of living in an age where all of that can be saved and enjoyed forever. Hit with memories of Summer’s past reading this blog? Save them to with Iternal today and keep the sun shining on your timeline. 

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