Best Friends

The True Stories Behind The Best Friends

No story’s complete without friends to support the main character throughout their endeavours; to celebrate their achievements and keep them driven in the aftermath of failure. Our own lives are no different. Often, we are blessed with individuals who go above and beyond for us.

These friends have our backs through thick and thin, and play an irreplaceable role in some of the best times of our lives. In celebration of National Best Friends Day this week, I’m putting the spotlight on a few stories that warmed my heart; stories that define the true meaning of friendship.

Let’s take a look! 

What Are Best Friends For?

“After my wife of 44 years died, I didn’t feel the urge to socialize. But that didn’t stop my friend Tony from inviting me to join a group of guys who got together every Thursday for dinner. I told him I wasn’t ready.

He called again the next week, and again I said no. He kept calling every week, and finally I said, “OK, I’ll go. Anything to keep you from calling me every week.”

It has now been six years since my wife died, and thanks to Tony, I have been going to dinner every week with the gang we’ve dubbed ROMEO— Retired Old Men Eating Out.” – David Fenwick, New Jersey

“We’re best friends because we would absolutely do anything for each other and we trust each other. One of the most amusing things to me was that she told me last year that I make her more confident but I’ve always wanted to be as confident as she seems! She has the ultimate idga* demeanour and I’ve always admired that.” – queenofkingcity, Reddit

“We’re best friends because we would absolutely do anything for each other”

“I love my best friend, she’s always there for me and I feel like she’s the only one I can be myself around. She puts up with my really low self esteem and always knows the perfect thing to say to drag me out of my bad moods. And in return, I’m her Google and explainer of what’s going on in the TV show she’s watching or book she is reading. I moved 300 miles away from her 2 years ago and the separation was really hard at first, but every time we see each other in person, it’s like time hasn’t even passed because we talk more now.” – more_paprika, Reddit

The Family We Choose

“Nine years ago my best friend and I had a falling out and stopped speaking to each other. That was in 2010. In 2015 I was diagnosed with a condition that required serious surgery and I was alone at university. 

I called her and without hesitation she flew to my city to go with me to the hospital and stayed with me for a few days after. Now we live in the same city in bordering neighbourhoods and are pretty much like sisters again. 

Love stories are often about romantic partners, but friendship can be just as special and powerful.” – 1809139, Reddit

“I was having a horrible day dealing with [my] job and divorce stress, and my friend Anna brought me ice cream. Just having her show up to listen to me whine was exactly what I needed.” – Tracy Clark, Lakeville, Minnesota 

“The most thoughtful thing my best friend ever did for me was help me get sober. She knew I was struggling with my alcohol abuse and offered to take me to a women’s 12-step meeting. [She] guided me to get the help that I needed by being an amazing role model. This year we both celebrated six years being alcohol-free.” – Kelley, Chicago

“My best friend is called Katherine, and we’ve known each other since we were 8 (20 years!). We share struggles, and have grown up together in so many ways. She lives in Washington, and I live in Texas, but we see each other a couple of times a year and talk almost every day. I can tell her anything without fear of judgment, and I can always expect the truth from her. We balance each other out in so many ways and are perfectly content to sleep off hangovers with Netflix and kitten cuddles. She’s a great writer, a better person, and she inspires the best in me.” – mathildabelby, Reddit

Through Thick And Thin

“I’ve been going through some rough couple of months, and she’s been there the entire time. From heartbreak to stress to assault, she’s seen everything in my life explode at me. She never judges me. With a lot of my close friends, they unintentionally say really hurtful things and really just can’t empathize with my situation. She’s different though. I’ve never felt uncomfortable sharing anything with her. I never feel belittled, judged, shamed. All I feel is the warmth of her friendship. I am so so lucky to have her.” – size6, Reddit

“2 years ago (almost to the day) he helped me when I was getting divorced and had to move to an entirely new state. He drove halfway across the country, rented the U-Haul for me, and while I stood to the side & cried, he loaded most of my stuff onto the truck…

It took us two days to get my new apartment. We unloaded the truck, he looked at me and asked when the last time I had eaten a real meal was (I don’t know when that was), sent me to my bedroom to take a nap & when I woke up, he had cooked a homemade spaghetti & meatball dinner.

The man is the best. And everything needs a friend like him.” – bored-now, Reddit

“He’s a musician, and he knows how much I love the cello, so for one of my birthdays he composed a cello piece and had someone play it for me and recorded it on a disc (back when CDs were a thing). That is seriously the MOST thoughtful thing other than what my husband has done for me. It was AMAZING! I just felt love and appreciation. He says it’s NBD because he’s a musician, but seriously it’s awesome. To have original music composed for you is so special and unique.” – Arlene, Las Vegas

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