Share your story with your family

We bring human storytelling to life! Ensuring your memories are remembered just how you want them to be, and shared with only those you invite.

Pass on those special moments that make you, you

Our loves are built from billions of tiny moments, and it’s time we capture those amazing little things rather than just the stuff we put on Facebook.

Your memories are safe with us.

What was your

favourite holiday

as a kid?

Did you parents ever

pass on some words

of wisdom?

When was the last

time you laughed so

hard you cried?

Store your memories

Either by voice or text, you can securely store your most precious memories and moments from your life.

Talk to your own AI

Create and train your own chatbot that will begin to learn as you interact (coming soon).

Share your memories

You decide who your share your memories with. You retain full control over sees them.

Message your future self

How could would it be too recieve a message from your younger self? Now you can, and it’s easy to set up.

We’re always improving our


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