What is Iternal?

Iternal is the safe and secure platform for recording and sharing your memories and special stories. Whether writing, filming or recording; all your chosen moments are displayed on your personal Iternal timeline.

Born out of a response to the pandemic and the necessity to preserve and share stories, Iternal offers you the chance to connect with your loved ones through your cherished memories and tales.

We understand that every life lived is as distinct, unpredictable and rewarding as any plot from a best-selling novel; with all the laughter, tears; twists and turns of any Oscar-nominated biopic.

It’s for these reasons we know that you have something unique to share, that no one else could ever possibly replicate.

Who is Iternal for
(and why you’ll love us)

We truly believe that Iternal is for everyone, because every single person has a story to tell and we all deserve to be heard. In case you need some convincing, we’ve spent some time thinking about who would benefit from using Iternal.

Take a look through; we guarantee you’re at least one of these types of people!

The Storytellers

Stories are what civilisations are built on; how cultures are formed and how people are remembered. Whether you’re the orator of the age or not, you’ve had one thousand and one experiences that only you could tell the tale of.

🔹 Capture your stories and memories, no matter how big or small
🔹 Share these moments with friends and family, or keep them private
🔹 Record your experiences, life lessons, or passing moments you may forget
🔹 Prepare for the future and set up a legacy contact so those dearest to you can still access your memories

The Story Gatherers

Not everyone likes to tell their own stories. You may prefer to listen and retell; to seek and preserve. You understand the importance of stories and all the joy, sorrow and lessons to be taken from them. Without people like you we’d still be in the stone age!

Create a timeline of all the best moments and stories shared by those closest to you 🔹
Explore points of view and topics past your own experiences, through the words of others 🔹
Ensure knowledge is passed on 🔹
Help another create their own Iternal timeline 🔹

The Family Orientated

Family is important to you. You may be part of the younger generation seeking your roots; parents looking to document your newborns adventures through life or grandparents ensuring no part of the family legacy is lost. Whichever you may be, Iternal is the platform for you.

🔹 Share and connect with relatives
🔹 Create a timeline of your family lineage
🔹 Keep the memory of those passed, alive
🔹 Gift wisdom of the experienced down to generations to come

The Data Concerned

If you’re part of the 78% of people concerned about your online privacy, Iternal is here to put you at ease. We offer you something the rest of the internet doesn’t: control. Control over your legacy, control over your privacy and control over your data.

Personalised privacy features keep you as hidden as you want 🔹
Our progressive data policy means we’ll never sell your data or information 🔹
All your information is encrypted end-to-end (like having 10 million passwords!) 🔹
We do NOT use advertisements 🔹

The Internet Beginners

Iternal was nurtured and designed with your experience being integral to every step of that process. We understand that everyone has different capabilities and that includes use of computers and the internet.

🔹 No-nonsense, simple and navigable site design
🔹 Quick and easy upload process
🔹 Clearly labelled sharing features
🔹 Prompts to help you create memories

The Seekers of Wellbeing

It’s not all about sharing too; it’s psychologically proven that documenting and reflecting on your own experiences has serious benefits for emotional regulation, mental health and overall well-being. Take a look at our blog and see for yourself!

Treat your Iternal timeline as a journal; diary; dream log… It’s truly up to you 🔹
Explore your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement 🔹
Immerse yourself in nostalgia 🔹
Gain insight and understanding from previous experiences; good or bad 🔹

It’s time to take control 

So, did you fit into one of these groups? We thought you would! Now there’s only one thing left to do –  Sign Up!

Creating an account has never been easier and we’re with you every step of the way. Take your first steps in taking control of your story.

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