One Year Anniversary: Remembering Life Before COVID-19

A lot has changed in our day-to-day lives since Boris Johnson first announced his plans to put the country into a 3 week lockdown. One whole year later and many aspects of our lives have seen dramatic shifts; things we never used to pay attention to now dominate the global discourse; parts of everyday life we now realise we took for granted. Here, Remi from the Iternal team will be looking back at life before the world changed forever…

Living Mask-Free

Probably the most universal change that can be seen is the practise of wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces. Some countries have been doing this for decades and though it’s essential we all do our bit, I can’t help but miss the days before the masks.

Remember when you would go to a shop without having to turn round half way there because you left your mask at home? When you could clearly hear what someone was telling you without them having to repeat themselves four times?

Bring back the days of being blissfully ignorant of your own coffee breath. Now we have to constantly combat it’s pungency to avoid making ourselves feel ill when we don our masks; a sudden shame sweeping you when you realise how many poor souls had to endure a conversation with you in the days before face coverings.

And why the spots? Though good for tackling the virus, apparently wearing a mask for hours each day will have dermatological consequences on the face. At least we can be immortalised zit-free and fresh-faced on our Iternal timelines.

Social Interaction

The longevity of the pandemic and the rules that came with it have had a significant effect on our ability to socialise. Whether it’s the fear of contracting the virus or the fact we have all been cut off from one another for so long, we appear to be struggling with normal interactions.  

Regular actions such as walking down the road have become awkward mental assessments of how we’re going to navigate the accommodating pavement with a potential COVID-carrier coming our way. Do you remember a time when you didn’t feel compelled to drench your hand in sanitiser after touching anything handed to you? Guilt-free interactions also seem so long ago; a time you could exchange more than a few words with your neighbours without the fear you could be infecting them.

While social distancing undoubtedly plays a role in our safety, just how much space two metres really is has become a source of debate. Uncomfortable fidgeting; shuffles; wild west-style stare downs and (for those who still remember how to communicate with one another) a stern word or two are all signs that you may be too close in proximity for someone else’s comfort.

Once harmless background noise, coughs now act as a warning siren. Not wanting to implicate potential infection, they are held in as tightly as possible when in public. 

Remember when we could fearlessly invite our neighbours round for barbecues? When we could celebrate our achievements with one another? Get a group photo with the newest additions to our families? It’s these little moments we have taken for granted, and the perfect memories that would look great on your Iternal timeline. With its personalised privacy settings, what better place to share these moments with your loved ones? At Iternal, not only is your data encrypted; your information is never sold off to those big corporations. Create memories with confidence, without fear of oversharing on the internet.

Being Busy

When the first lockdown was imposed, many people were understandably relieved knowing they would have a whole three weeks of doing absolutely nothing. No 40+ hours a week spent working to deadlines; no conflicting schedule; no need to explain why you’re cancelling plans. Families could bond, relationships could reconnect and hobbies could receive full attention. But there’s only so many banana breads you can bake before you start to miss having plans.

Pre-pandemic, schedules were filled from Monday to Sunday; cities were bustling; holidays were planned; relatives were visited. Fast forward a year and it can be a struggle to remember what day of the week it is. TV series have been binged, five kilometres has been ran (again and again and again) and zoom quizzes have been fought over.

To think there was a time when you had to come up with an excuse not to socialise…

Life After Lockdown

The last year has been quite the ordeal and though we have approached the inconveniences of lockdown light heartedly, we must also recognise that many people have been unfairly affected by the pandemic. We must stand together in times of loss and sadness; supporting each other and reflecting on happier times as we move towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  

And the light is there; the days are getting longer, the weathers getting warmer and the easing of restrictions is on the horizon. Let’s all look forward to creating some incredible memories in the coming months! Get prepared by creating an Iternal account today; it’s a free service (with premium options) giving you plenty of space to display all the best moments you capture this summer.

Will the world ever be the same again? It’s hard to say, but I know one thing for sure: I will never say no to the pub again.

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