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It's festival season! Whether you went to Woodstock '69 or Reading '21, you'll know the craziest things happen at festivals! The stories are the same...
It's almost Father's Day, and we're giving a shout out to our classic dad! Expect all the classic traits and habits. Definitely no stereotypes here...
Best Friends
In celebration of National Best Friends Day, join us as we highlight real examples of friendship that set the bar for what a best friend should be!
It's finally here! We're celebrating with a rundown of all the classic Summer experiences you’ll have had (whether you know it or not)!
To get you in that feel-good mood, we're showcasing some of the Summer anthems of the last century! Is your favourite UK Number 1 on the list?
How did your parents meet? Do you know the story of your grandparents first date? These internet users sure do! Check out these true romance stories
Do you really know your family? Your family history; the stories and experiences that all led to where you are now? Take the test in this blog to find out!
What is a legacy? How do you save a legacy? Why is a legacy important? We'll cover that and more in this week's blog
Ever wondered why music reminds you of certain times or people? Why a song or theme tune makes you so nostalgic? Read on to find out why and how!
Audio is steadily becoming the media format of choice in 2022; from podcasts to audio books, and now your stories! Read more to find out why you should save your stories in audio...
Starting your daily journaling routine can be challenging - Luckily for you, we’re here to help! So let’s take a look at the steps you can take...
Nostalgia, while often bittersweet, is an incredibly profound emotion with remarkable benefits when used correctly. Find out more in this weeks post!
You may not be psychic, but the capacity to shape your future is within your ability. Find out how using your own narrative in this weeks blog post.
Why should you save your life's stories? Today, Remi from the Iternal Team is answering just that! Here's your weekly food-for-thought.
Having trouble convincing a relative to record their life stories and experiences? It can seem like a big task; so try following these steps!
Want to record your life story, but don't know where to start? This blog was made for you! Save your memories, experiences and stories with Iternal...
Happy International Women's Day! We're celebrating women all over the world, highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history.
What Lessons Would You Want To Pass To Your Grandkids, Even If You Weren’t Here To […]
One App Could Make All the Difference To Your Descendants How much do you know about […]
The Iternal App Is Live And Launched! You spoke and we listened… The Iternal app is […]
The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up (21/01/2022) It’s Friday, and you know what that means! It’s Wholesome […]
8 Projects That Would Look Great On Your Iternal Timeline 2022 is fully underway and nothing […]
The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up (14/01/2022) After a brief hiatus, we’re back this week with more […]
Terrible And Outstanding Bosses: The Real Life Stories It’s safe to say that The Apprentice UK […]
Iternal’s Tim Campbell MBE Returns To ‘The Apprentice UK’ After 16 years of personal triumphs and […]
Iternal’s Top Stories And Highlights Of 2021 And just like that, another year is done! Well […]
The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up (24/12/2021) At Iternal, we firmly believe that there’s always something to […]
It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without… There are only five days until Christmas! It may seem to […]
Get The Most Out Of Christmas This Year Every year I forget just how crazy Christmas […]
The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up: Christmas Edition At Iternal, we firmly believe that there’s always something […]
Real-life Christmas Miracles And Their Stories Whether you like it or not (and we hope that […]
The ‘Wholesome Stories’ Weekly Round-up (10/12/2021) At Iternal we firmly believe that there’s always something to […]
Bring The Family Together This Holiday With The Iternal App We are, unbelievably, at that time […]
The Top 10 ‘Spooky Story Giveaway’ Submissions We read all 320 spine-tingling stories left on our […]
Daily Journaling: What It Is And How To Start ‘Daily journaling;’ ‘expressive writing;’ ‘daily pages’… If […]
A Brief Look At The Hi(Story) of Halloween Halloween is coming! The time of year for […]
How To Write Your Own Scary Story Spooky season is upon us! That means trick or […]
What Food Always Reminds You Of Grandma? It’s incredible the role that our five senses play […]
How Mum Benefits From Using Iternal Mums. The (too often, unsung) heroes of the world. Someone […]
13 Questions To Ask Mum About Her Life Despite knowing my Mum for my entire existence, […]
Why Everyone Should Book an Iternal Biographer Session Have you ever wondered what a biography of […]
11 Questions To Answer To Get Your Story Down Everyone’s got a story. In fact, everyone’s […]
5 Ways Journaling Can Benefit Your Wellbeing With over 10,000 users, it’s no surprise that people […]
Iternal Is Celebrating Over 10,000 Users! There’s a BIG cause for celebration at Iternal HQ as […]
  5 Reasons Why You Should Photograph Those Moments     ‘A Picture Is Worth A […]
Reminiscence: Taking The Time With A Loved One  A good trip down memory lane can sometimes […]
Is This The Biggest Lie In The World? ‘My life’s not interesting;’ ‘Who would want to […]
The Greatest Olympic Moments In History After a year of delay, the 2020 Olympic Games Tokyo […]
Remembering The Magic Of Summer Holidays Summer. The season of heat and holidays; barbeques and bikinis; […]
A World Without Stories A world without stories. Try and imagine that, just for a minute.  […]
The Forgotten Thrills of School Trips You reach a certain age in life where you become […]
The Evolution of Storytelling For 30,000+ years, Homosapiens (and possibly other, long-extinct relatives) have been telling […]
Throwback Devices To Flood You With Nostalgia The development of technology in the last century has […]
How Will You Remember The Lockdown? (Audio) From days spent in the sun, having drinks in […]
Lockdown Lessons: Looking Back At Quarantine Though there are still countries in the world that persevere […]
Iternal Hits 2,000 Users Milestone! Less than a month from our last celebration, we’ve got the […]
The Power of Memory: Recalling The Past to Battle the Present (Part Two)  Last week, we […]
The Power of Memory: Recalling the Past to Battle the Present (Part one) At the beginning […]
The Power of Memory: What’s The Deal? Here at Iternal, memories are kind of a big […]
Remembering The Duke of Edinburgh June 10th 1921- 9th April  At 99 years old, Prince Philip […]
One Year Anniversary: Remembering Life Before COVID-19 A lot has changed in our day-to-day lives since […]
The Risks of Oversharing on Social Media Staying safe and keeping private on the Internet In […]
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