What Is A Legacy And Why Is It Important?

Iternal isn’t like other digital platforms you might come across; we see the bigger picture. The MUCH bigger picture. Sure, we want you to save what feels most important and relevant to you, whether that happened today or ten years ago – but Iternal serves a purpose beyond right now

One of the core reasons we urge people to save their life’s stories and experiences is to help build their personal legacy. But what is a ‘legacy’? And how do you create a legacy? The term can sound quite grand – and a bit daunting; but there’s no need to feel intimidated. Let’s break it down, together.

What Is A Legacy?

‘Legacy’ has a few definitions depending on the context, though they all relate to the same concept. It is typically used when describing something (physical or otherwise) that will be inherited by another; something that is left behind when you pass:  

“Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor; or predecessor; or from the past.”

While this usually means property, or money, you often hear it used in movies and TV when a character talks about what they will be known for in the future; what people will remember and talk about for years to come. 

While 99.9% of the time we wouldn’t suggest taking what is said in movies as gospel, in this case I agree. Your legacy – while also including your personal assets and anything else that can be passed down to your surviving family – is your narrative: all your achievements; successes; experiences and actions; all that you’ve done that has made you, you. 

Why Is A Legacy Important?

Your legacy is largely all that’s left of you when you’re gone. Depending on how you live your life and what you dedicate yourself to, that could mean something to a lot of people, or it might mean everything to one. Regardless, defining your own legacy puts you in control of your narrative, and what people say about you for years to come.   

By taking the time to document the defining moments of your life, you’re allowing your family to remember you in the way you want to be. You’re giving them the opportunity to understand your life’s purpose by your own definition, and honour that in their own way – passing on your achievements, passions and values. 

Which leads to my next point. Your life, no matter how obscured from your own vision, is absolutely teeming with lessons, values and experiences that will serve future generations to navigate life and offer perspectives granted to you by a lifetime of experience, from your successes (and the times you fell down, only to get back up again).  Set an example for the future.

How Do I Leave A Legacy?

You might ask, ‘how do I leave a legacy’ and that’s a great question. How do you create something so all-encompassing; so definitive of you that people will be able to know you and what life meant to you, without having to have met you? Well it’s no easy task, but one tool can certainly help you along the way. 

At Iternal, we encourage you to save the moments that matter the most to you. It’s entirely personal, and as such, is the perfect digital representation of you. Your timeline is for the experiences that moulded you into who you are; the stories that have shaped your character and changed your way of thinking.

It’s the place to display your passions and undying hobbies; a dedicated space for you to document and reflect on all of your successes, as well as your failures and what they’ve taught you. Here, your values and beliefs are enshrined with all the other elements that make you, you. 

Download the Iternal app for free today, and create something that will last beyond a lifetime. You can download Iternal from the App store if you’re an iOS user, or the Google Play store if you’re an Android user. With our ‘Legacy contact’ feature you can even prescribe a loved one to take over your account in the event of your passing, helping to ensure your legacy lives on.

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