How Mum Benefits From Using Iternal

Mums. The (too often, unsung) heroes of the world. Someone every single living person owes their life to and, who most can agree, don’t get rewarded nearly half as much as they deserve. It’s for these reasons that we’re taking a look at just a few of the great ways Mum can benefit from using Iternal.

At our absolute core, Iternal is about real-life human experiences; whether they’re stories; memories; moments or something altogether different. Whatever the reasons, there is a whole range of genuine benefits for all the mums out there giving their all. 

Reduce Stress

Being the backbone (and in some cases, every other component) of the family, always putting the kids first and keeping the world spinning all at the same time is enough pressure to stress out the calmest of people; yet mums persevere. That’s not to say they don’t need some alleviation every now and then.

The act of reminiscing has been proven to reduce stress and symptoms of depression; promoting a sense of psychological and emotional well-being. Even documenting negative experiences can have long term benefits; increasing emotional resilience and a sense of acceptance.

Re-connect and Strengthen Bonds

Iternal was created in response to that feeling of isolation bought on by the pandemic. Its core functions of storytelling and sharing are directly related to the feeling of connectedness. 

This is mainly due to the way our brains work. When we’re told a good story, our brains produce oxytocin (and if it’s really good – dopamine). This chemical increases our ability to empathise with the storyteller and the stories subject. This is why sharing your memories with friends and family on Iternal is such a great way to strengthen the bonds between you.

Similarly, getting nostalgic with some old friends can help you re-connect through reliving shared experiences. Described as a ‘social connectedness phenomenon’ by expert Dr Krystine Batcho, PhD – nostalgia can also ground us in times of substantial change, such as children moving out of the house or losing someone dear to us. 

Boost Children’s Resilience And Social Skills

Studies from key psychologists such as Robyn Fivush have demonstrated that children who know more about the history of their family are more secure in their own identity; form stronger attachments in relationships; have higher self-esteem, and express more confidence in the bonds of their family. 

So if you’re using your Iternal to document your families history and stories, it’s worth getting the kids involved in the process!

Take Some Time For Yourself

Being a mum is no easy task. Between being a full-time superhero, a part-time peace broker and dedicating most of your waking hours to others, it can be hard to find any time to spend on yourself. 

Take time to observe how far you’ve come and be grateful for all you’ve accomplished; re-immerse yourself in days past and share the experience with friends you don’t make enough time for.

Sometimes even just privately expressing yourself in a safe and secure environment can be the best form of self-care. Whatever it is, just make sure to take some time for yourself. 

Prepare For The Future

With Iternal, you can save all the best bits of yourself for your loved ones and future generations. You may have stories that you feel epitomises your life; you may have wisdom and invaluable advice you wish to pass on to your grandchildren and beyond, or maybe you just want to be in control of how you’re remembered. 

Our ‘Legacy Contact’ feature allows you to grant someone access to your account in the event of your passing; ensuring your legacy continues with the people that matter most. 

They’re So Much More To Discover...

I’ve outlined some pretty big benefits, but that’s truly just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want to spoil all the surprises though; why tell you more when you can go find out for yourself? Sign-up to Iternal today for free and explore what it means to be you.

For those already with us; have I missed any big benefits that you’ve experienced using Iternal? Let us know through any of our social media channels! We love to hear from you.

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