8 Projects That Would Look Great On Your Iternal Timeline

2022 is fully underway and nothing says ‘new year, new me’ like starting a personal project. It might be a new skill you’ve decided to pick up or an old hobby that you want to breathe life back into. Whatever your avocation of choice is, your progress and achievements deserve to have a special place to be displayed and cherished. 

Haven’t decided what new venture you’re going to have a stab at yet? Got no interest in starting a project and developing new skills? You just haven’t considered all the possibilities. Luckily, I’ve had a think about a few, so let’s throw some inspiration into the mix and look at some of the projects that I think would make excellent content for your timeline.  


It doesn’t matter if your Gordon Ramsey or if your best dish is chicken nuggets and chips, everyone can get better at cooking. Not only are there a million different cuisines out there to try out, but you can never underestimate how impressive being a capable cook is; it’s practically universally admired!

If you’re trying new cuisines and dishes for the first time, they might not be your best, which is one reason why Iternal would be perfect for you to record your progress. Not only can you upload photos and videos of your culinary creations, but you can leave your thoughts in written or audio form to refer back to! You’ll be giving Mary Berry a run for her money in no time. 


Now, this might not be the most obvious personal project to pick up, but imagine being able to make your own clothes? It’s probably going to take some time to get right if you’ve got no experience, but think about how impressive your timeline would look with all your designs, inspirations and creations.

Not only would you be making entirely unique clothing, but depending on the materials you choose, you’d be significantly cutting down on your carbon footprint as well! Look great, have an impressive digital space and save the planet; it’s a win-win situation.

Taking Up A Musical Instrument

Something that, as a musician, I often hear non-musicians say when they see someone effortlessly make their way around their instrument is “I wish I could do that” or “I wish I had learned an instrument when I was younger.” Well let me tell you, there’s no time like the present!

With the right instrument and some serious dedication, near enough anyone can become a musician. And, if like me, you’re quite private about your own compositions, Iternal’s the perfect safe space to keep them until you’re ready to share them with the world. It also makes for a great tool to track your progress and a private place to vent your (inevitable) frustrations. 


Despite fitness being the go-to new year’s resolution for a whopping 80-90% of American adults, after three months only 10% tend to stick to it. Understandably too; it can be really hard to get yourself into a routine and even harder to maintain it, especially if you feel uncomfortable or lack confidence.

Do you know what keeps me on track? Seeing development. Visual proof that I am, slowly but surely, reaching the goals I set for myself. 

This is why Iternal is perfect to track your fitness journey. There will be days when you really can’t be bothered to go on that run or do those push-ups; how about leaving yourself an encouraging message amongst those amazing transformation posts to keep you motivated?

DIY Construction

How long have you been saying you need a new bookshelf? Or wagering how long it will take for that wardrobe to collapse? Why not take it upon yourself to not only replace them but build your own?! The materials are relatively cheap and available, and there’s plenty of free blueprints and instructions online. Ikea… what’s that? 

It starts with a shelf and before you know it you’ve replaced all the cupboards, doors and cabinets in the house. Not only is building your own furnishings fun and resourceful, but if you get good enough, you can look to start a little business of your own. 


The great thing about art is it’s subjective! Have you seen the plain white canvas that sold for $15 million?? Granted, I don’t think that would bring much life or excitement to your timeline, but who am I to tell you otherwise? Like music, with the right style and amount of dedication, anyone can be an artist; why not you? 

The other thing about art; it’s expressive and entirely representative of you! Amongst all the stories and memories, that’s the sort of content that really embodies what Iternal is all about. 


These days, everyone has a camera; most people have pretty good ones in their hands or pockets 95% of the time without really exploring its potential. Despite this, very few people could call themselves a photographer. Real photography is an art form and, like all skills, takes time to develop and hone. 

Once you’ve developed your eye, and know what you want to photograph, your timeline becomes your very own private portfolio that you can share amongst your closest friends and family. You can annotate all your portfolio and when you get really confident, you can even make your timeline public… 


It’s funny how certain things come back around. Once upon a time – hundreds if not thousands of years ago – humans would have relied on foraging (as well as hunting) for survival. The existence of supermarkets has made it slightly less necessary, but with more and more attention being brought to the climate crisis and the global carbon output, foraging is making a serious comeback. 

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys the outdoors, why not take it to the next level and start foraging? It’s great knowledge to have and could even help you develop other skills; develop new recipes with those mushrooms you found; treat that timber and build a chair out of it; and who doesn’t love a homemade blackberry pie?  

Take Control

Feeling inspired? I’d be lying if I said I’m not; I hope you are too! These are just a few of the great projects you could take on that I think would really help fill out your Iternal timeline and add new dimensions to being you! Log in today and take control of your life story. 

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